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The navtec DSP Products

The products of the navtec DSP card family are mainly employed in research and as a development system for embedded DSP solutions. However, they can also be used as fast co-processors in PCs for signal processing or demodulation applications. All the cards presented on this page are designed on base of the Motorola 56k processor
DSP PC plug-in with two processors

(24 kByte)

DSP PC plug-in with five processors 

(21 kByte)


credit card-sized DSP module
Multi-I/O-card with A/D-, D/A- and AES/EBU- interfaces
GPS-N1 Modul
GPS-N1 Modul

(The pictures shown
on this page are not
true to scale.
customer-specific solutions by  navtec GmbH  

You will find a detailed description of more selected products on our reference projects page.
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Of course we would be happy to develop a suitable solution for your special signal processing or RF problem.
navtec's specialty is the development of circuits and systems in the fields of digital signal processing, radio navigation and digital receiving technology.
Your will get innovative solutions for your signal processing problem from just one company.
Please visit our reference project page. You will find selected projects, which already have been complete, described there.