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The navtec GmbH has its headquarter in the historical and protected buildings of the former Henschel aircraft factory of 1936. They are located in the southern security area of Berlin's Schoenefeld airport.
There are spacious and modern offices and laboratories, but also a kitchen and a shower. As the airport is located only a few miles from Berlin's southern city borders, you will find the offices to be in the very charming scenery of rural Brandenburg state. 
frontal view of the building

view of the building from the apron

The offices' proximity to the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) as well as to the neighbouring hangars and flight schools makes it possible to have an ambitious way of spending one's leisure time but also guarantee a good connection to Berlin's transport system. As the Luftfahrtbundesamt (German Federal Aviation Authority) is also located on the same premises, navtec's engineers have the shortest possible ways when developing flight safety systems or navigation systems.
Away from the hectic rush and noise of the passenger check-in in the northern area of the airport, the southern area offers a soothing view onto the APRON of the private and charter planes. It is possible in almost any kind of weather, to see the Mueggelturm in the Koepenick forrest on the horizon. view from the offices onto the apron
Click here, to view some  60s pictures of the southern area of the airport.
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Click here, to view the latest plans for the future single airport.
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Click here, to see how the APRON looks every two years during the ILA trade show.
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