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DSP board for a 10mW Data Transmission System

The navtec GmbH developed a DSP card to realise a digital receiver for the Genitron GmbH, a company which produces radio activity measurement instruments. Procedures for signal identification and digital signal demodulation in a digital reception system were examined and tested as well.

The system was realised using an 80-MHz DSP. You will find the technical specifications at the end of this page.
Foto der DSP-Karte fuer Genitron
The DSP module was realised as a combined PC plug-in with PC-104 interface. The board consists of: 
  • DSP
  • S-RAM 
  • PLD
  • DAC
  • ADC
The DSP board (Foto: R. Dielmann / Genitron GmbH)
(Layout: ProDesign GmbH)

Genitron produces sondes to measure radio activity and also automatic data loggers, which readings have to be transmitted via long distances (up to 100 km) to reach a receiving station.

The problem is to transmit data daily for as long as several years with just one battery. Due to the limited capacity of the battery, this can only be done using very low transmitting power (aprox. 10 mW). However, transmission must be guaranteed. The problem was solved with a sensible combination of modulation type, source- and channel-encoding.

Technical specification of the DSP card

DSP clock and instruction rate 80 MHz / 40 MIPS
DSP 56002, Motorola
memory 1 M  - words at 24 Bit
ZF-ADC interface via SSI, up to 1 MHz
Ref.-ADC 8 x 12 Bit, max. 100 kHz
Ref.-DAC 1 x 12 Bit, ca 70 kHz
I/Os V24, several Port-I/Os

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