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Training Satellite Navigation

This training is intended for hardware and software development engineers, system engineers and cartographers as well as for users of satellite navigation.

For the first time this special training offers a compressed overview of all aspects of satellite navigation . The term 'GPS' is generally used uncritically for all kinds of relations. GPS receivers are employed in many applications as an integrated system component, whereas its real possibilities and advantages - but also its limits - are never quite visible for the user.

This training goes far beyond the typical knowledge related in technical journals.  Every aspect of GPS, GLONASS and satellite navigation will be dealt with. The participants will learn, how satellite navigation receivers (especially GPS and GLONASS) are assembled and exactly what functions they perform. This knowledge is not only useful for development engineers, but can also help users to employ GPS receivers even more effectively.

Serious users, development engineers and all those interested in satellite navigation will find, that all necessary technical details are related technically sound, but still comprehensible. This will build the platform for an optimised deployment of this technology and a basis for system decisions. Mathematical and technical knowledge are part of the training, as long as they are vital for comprehension. The circuit-diagrams of GPS and GLONASS receivers is dealt with in detail.

The training was created as an integrated event. This means that lectures and exercises alternate. About 25 % of the time will be used to consolidate knowledge in theoretical and practical exercises.

As this training is mainly intended for development engineers, an engineering or scientific education would be advantageous. However, the entire training and all the exercises are structured in a way, that even with mathematical knowledge that was acquired some time ago, a successful seminar is guaranteed. Graphicness and practical knowledge was emphasised, when the training's concept was conceived.
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