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 navtec Remoto GmbH, Company Profile

The company was founded as an engineer's office for hardware and software development by Prof. Dr. Anselm Fabig. Since 1991 navtec has been a registered trademark.

Positive business development and expansion led to the company's move to spacious offices at Berlin's Schönefeld airport. The company was restructured in September of 1997. Since then business was managed by „navtec - Gesellschaft für Signalverarbeitung und Navigation mbH". In 2012 the company has been renamed to navtec Remoto GmbH and from 1.5.2012 we moved to our new offices in Wildau next to Berlin.

Our engineers are developing circuits and system solutions for industrial customers. The high quality demands in digital signal processing and the general industrial trend to outsource development created the basis for an optimal market placement.

Our specialty is the development of circuits and systems in the field of digital signal processing, radio navigation as well as digital receiver technology.

In addition to our core know-how we have a park of excellent measuring technology, such as
Logical analysis,
high frequency measurement instruments, as well as 
the most modern analysis and synthesis software on modern computing technology.

All this, combined with years of experience in development, makes it possible to go into the customer's problems in detail in order to provide them with low-cost and reliable solutions with short development periods. Our motto is :

Innovation instead of imitation