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Selected references, developments and products

It would be a pleasure for us to develop a solution for your particular signal processing or RF transmission problem - exactly fitting your needs.

navtec Remoto is specialised in the area of circuits and systemes in the area of digital signal processing, radiocommunication, navigation and digital tranceivers. We are your source of solutions for this kind of challenges.

  • Long-distance data transmission
  • reliable and spoofing-proof communication
  • long ranges within all type approval specifications using digital signal processing techniques
  • Embedded systems, integrating DSP, FPGAs and microcontroller into your products
  • TPC/IP attached
  • all kind of sensors
  • Jammer
  • Jammer blocking
  • directional antennas
  • Phased array antennen
  • special solutions

Please find some selected references from the past below:

Development of high end remote control systems for weatronic.
navtec global-C plus EPIRB, a satellite-beacon designed for the COSPAS-SARSAT system.
TLS, a Tender Location System (also called Tender Tracking System) for Mega-Yachts is a tracking system to identify and locate the tenders, jet-skis and helicopters of large yachts.
A 12/26 channel antenna diversity multiband remote-control receiver with DDS, GPS, gyros and data logging for Weatronic.
GPS Tourist Guide, a System for position dependent automatic output of announcements on passenger ship and in coaches in up to eight languages.
BATTY-BOX, an intelligent battery management system for yachts. (ca. 22 kByte)
navtec global-3 EPIRB, a satellite emergency transmitter EPIRB for the Inmarsat-E system. (82 kByte)
Worldwide ground infrastructure for Inmarsat-E+.
A GPS module, GPS-N1 with a very fast acquisition time. (44 kByte)
A NMEA monitor software to be downloaded free of charge. (100  kByte / 5 MByte)
Dual  DSP-PC- boards as a low-cost consumer product. (24 kByte)
Multi-DSP-card with five processors  and 100/600 MIPS computing power. (21 kByte)
A system for digital channel-equalisation and correction of LF paths in simultaneous broadcasting systems. (30 kByte)
Traffic light guiding system for blind people with full digital signal generation. (ca. 43 kByte)
A signal processing system to identify and compare fingerprints. (ca. 38 kByte)
Algorithms and signal processing hardware for full digital signal demodulaton on a 10 mW radio path. (45 kByte)
Dolby-Surround-Encoder with optical  AES/EBU interfaces for encoding sources in music studios.
A system for measuring turbine vane vibrations in an aircraft turbine.

To get a more detailed description, please contact us.