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Since 2004 navtec Remoto develops remote control systems and components for weatronic.

During the development phase of navtec remote control components for weatronic GmbH the focus has been put on

  • reliability and redundancy as know from the General Aviation,
  • very high immunity against jammers and disturber,
  • very long range (>7km proven),
  • return channel for telemetry data,
  • expandability as a system concept (semi transparent customer channel through the system),
    (3rd party support, sum channel, SRXL, ...),
  • data recording (blackbox),
  • use in complex, expensive and big models,
  • ease of use,
  • compliance to worldwide type approval requirements (CE, FCC, ...),
  • target customers are ambitious modellers as well as industrial customers designing and using UAVs* (Drones),
  • Made in Germany

Technology report in Aviation News 1 / 2015, Presentation Prof. Fabig, pdf here*

This has been achived by
  • a redundant battery- and powersupply concept,
  • redundant antennas using circular polarisation (RHCP),
  • parallel and therefore redundant transmission and reception pathes,
  • dual FHSS* spectral spreading using 80 out of 240 possible channels spread across the whole band,
  • Type approved as 1st transmitter family worldwide complying to ETSI EN 300 328 1.8.1 standard with LBT* in the 2,4GHz band,
  • interfaces: USB*, WiFi, TCP/IP, BT,
  • comprehensive internal and external data recording on SD-cards for subsequent flight analysis,
  • GPS receiver, acceleration sensors and compass built-in,
  • capacitive touchscreen display,
  • a web based user interface with separated Linux system and
  • 3rd party support by disclosing the interfaces to co-operating companies like dron-, sensor- or user interface developers.

We would be pleased to develop data transmission systems for your projects and to your needs or solve your reliabale data communication problems!

Descriptions of other products and projects could be found on our reference page.

* LBT = Listen Before Talk reduces signal collisions among different users in the same band
* FHSS = Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
* USB ist eine eingetragene Marke
* UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicules
weatronic ist eine Marke der weatronic GmbH
* VdL pdf mit freundlicher Genehmigung durch Wolfgang Hirsch, Vorsitzender des VdL

It would be a pleasure for us to develop a solution for your particular signal processing or RF transmission problems - exactly fitting your needs.

Navtec Remoto GmbH is specialised in the area of circuits and systems for digital signal processing, radiocommunication, navigation and digital tranceivers. We are your source of solutions for this kind of challenges.