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Tender Location System
Our Tender Location System or Tender Tracking System (TLS) module allows for identification and localisation of vessels in small fleets.

Furthermore it is possible to exchange customspecific data like depth and water temperature. This additinal data may be displayed in an electronic chart (ECDIS).

The basic TLS version incorporates two independent NMEA ports and may receive and forward nearly unlimited data sentences.

Unlike AIS the navtec TLS is paparazzi proof due to ciphering.

The basic system transmits GPS-Position and depth.

Customspecific requirements may be implemented.

Tender Location
                    System / tender tracking system
  • The navtec TLS can be attached to all ECDIS Systems.
  • It generates a variety of data formats including AIS compatible data sentences.
  • Custom specific modifications can be implemented on request.
TLS Jet-Ski The navtec Tender Location System (TLS) comes in a waterproof (IP-56) housing.

LEDs monitor the system status all the time.

The navtec TLS can be equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery for uindependant Jet-Ski use.

Depending on TLS version three or four plugs connect the TLS to the ships electronic.
  1. Typ-N VHF/UHF antenna /RX/TX)
  2. Typ-N GPS antenna (input)
  3. Typ ESTO NMEA input
  4. Typ ESTO external power

Mechanical data
Size (Jet-Ski version) : 160 x 160 x 120 (mm) w/o plugs
Weight : Approx. 1,9 kg (incl. battery option)
Water proof : IP 56
Ambient conditions : -20 ... 60C
Electrical Data
Supply voltage : 12 V DC
Current consumption : (approx.) 350mA (stand by),
2A (max. while transmitting)
Possible RF frequencies : VHF 140 ... 174 MHz
UHF 410 ... 470 MHz
Number of tenders 2 ... 15, nearly unlimited on request 
Data transfered
  • GPS-position (WGS-84), time
  • depth,
  • others, TBD on request
Actual frequency used TDB by customer
Output power : 5 W max
RF plug Type N
Modulation FSK 1200 baud, data scrambled
Input data protocol : (sounder, GPS) NMEA with RS-422 differential lines / TTL
Output data protocol: proprietary data format,
NMEA $PNAVT ..., special design for ECDIS
Data plugs : Type ESTO, waterproof
Transfer time per data block approx. 1.5 sec. per tender
Microcontroller : 16 Bit, 16 MHz
FLASH Software update : Yes, with special cable and download software

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